Naturopathy is a holistic and alternative form of health care which aims to address and treat the underlying cause of the problem by using a combination of nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle strategies.

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Personal Training

Natro offers fun, motivating, and challenging personal training sessions for individuals and groups. Our experienced, friendly, and qualified personal trainers are able to tailor exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels.

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Its true we really are what we eat! Nutrition is not only imperative for survival but it is also essential for maintaining health and wellbeing. At Natro we emphasis the importance of following a healthy eating plan which is balanced and sustainable.

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Liesl Döhring 

Nutritionist (MHumNutr)

Tertiary Lecturer (GCertHE)

Naturopath (BHSc Nat)
Personal Trainer (Cert lll & lV in Fitness)

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Natro's unique approach to combine Naturopathy and  Personal Training with Nutrition & Education is the reason for it's success