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Liesl Döhring 

Nutritionist (MHumNutr)

Tertiary Lecturer (GCertHE)

Naturopath (BHSc Nat)
Personal Trainer (Cert lll & lV in Fitness)

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About NatroAbout Natro

Natro LogoNatro- The Health & Fitness Company was founded by Liesl Döhring who is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Tertiary Lecturer. Liesl is an enthusiastic and passionate health professional who is dedicated to helping people improve their health and achieve long lasting results in a holistic and sustainable way. Liesl works extensively across the health and fitness industry and specializes in naturopathic and nutrition consultations, personal training and educational workshops and presentations.

Liesl holds a Masters in Human Nutrition,


a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, a Bachelor of Health Science, and a Certificate III and IV in Personal training.

This unique combination of qualifications allow Liesl to treat a variety of health conditions including weight management, sports nutrition, stress, low energy, digestive disturbances cardiovascular disease and much more. In addition, Liesl lectures and the field of nutrition at The Endeavour College of Natural Health and is a guest speaker with other training providers including the Chisholm Institute of Tafe.