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Liesl Döhring 

Nutritionist (MHumNutr)

Tertiary Lecturer (GCertHE)

Naturopath (BHSc Nat)
Personal Trainer (Cert lll & lV in Fitness)

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions


This all depends on the length of the workshops and the number of hours and resources involved in preparing the seminars. Natro offers a variety of workshop packages to suit different workplaces and budgets. Contact us today to discuss the best option to suit your business. 

We come to you! Natro will come to your business or workplace making it less stressful for you. Contact Natro today to discuss the best option for you and your business. 

Natro offers a variety of educational workshops and seminars tailored to suit your workplace. We offer a variety of educational workshops tailored towards schools, sporting clubs as well as small and corporate businesses. Natro's unique combination of health services allow us to tailor a variety of health programs to suit your needs including workplace exercise programs, healthy eating workshops, workplace health checks and much more. Contact Natro today to discuss the best option for your business. 


This all depends on your presenting concerns however most people are encouraged to have between 3-4 appointments to be able to achieve the best results. We also encourage patients to book in for a follow up consultation every 3 months to allow us to monitor your progress and make any necessary further dietary modifications. 

Yes. At Natro we believe in prescribing dietary and lifestyle strategies which are sustainable and achievable. Our nutritionist will work with you to help tailor a dietary plan to suit your needs, time constraints and budget.

Yes. We are able to tailor dietary plans for a variety of health concerns including weight loss, poor immune function, impaired digestion and much more. Please contact us for further information on how we can tailor a plan to suit your needs. 

A nutrition consultation is similar to a naturopathic consultation in where detailed past and current health history is taken to gain a better understanding of the patients presenting complaint. A 24 hour food recall is also taken during the initial consult and in most cases the patient will be asked to complete a 3-7 day food diary to allow the nutritionist to gain a better understanding of the patients regular eating patterns. Specific dietary changes and strategies will then be prescribed for the patient which are tailored towards addressing their health concerns. In some cases referal for further tests and nutritional supplementation may be required however this depends on the individual case and presentation.

Personal Training

The health benefits from exercise are immediate. Exercise has many proven physical and psychological health benefits including an improvement in mood, lowering stress levels, increasing energy, reducing anxiety and much more.

In terms of fitness related goals there are a number of factors influencing the time it takes to see results. Exercise frequency, intensity, time and type all influence the time it takes to see results. For weight loss we suggest you  undertake a minimum of three 60 minute personal training sessions per week. Nutrition also plays a vital role in determining body composition and it is essential to address dietary intake in order to achieve the best results. Natro offers personalized healthy eating plans making it easier for you to reach your goals quicker. 


Call us today to discuss the best option for you! 

Both 30 minute and 60 minute training sessions are available. Please contact us today to discuss the best training option to suit your needs.

No. Our Personal trainers are very experienced in tailoring exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels. Every person is treated as an individual and our training is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. 


Initial consultations last for 60 minutes and follow up appointments are 45 minutes in duration. For your first consultation it is best to arrive 10 minutes early before your scheduled appointment time to fill out any paper work. This will allow enough time to fill out a brief patient health questionnaire which is used to obtain important information about your medical history, contact details, and is used to provide the practitioner with a better understanding of your current health status.  

During your first consultation your practitioner will ask you a number of questions relating to your current health concern/s as well information about your past and current health status. A dietary assessment is also included in your initial consultation and there may be the need for further testing if nutritional deficiencies are suspected. 

After all of the appropriate information is gathered an individually tailored prescription and treatment plan consisting of dietary and lifestyle changes and strategies is prescribed based on treating your presenting complaint and concerns. When applicable nutrition and herbal medicine supplementation is also prescribed. 

Follow up consultations are also very important for providing a step by step treatment plan and for monitoring your progress. Depending on your presenting complaint follow up consultations are either on a weekly or fortnight basis and most people require between 3-4 visits to achieve the best results. 

Each case is different and depends on the individual’s circumstances and compliance, however most people start to feel a difference within 1-2 weeks after their initial consultation.

Yes. You will need to complete a patient health questionnaire. We will email you a copy to complete and bring with you to your first consultation. 

For all naturopathic, nutrition, and personal training bookings or enquiries please contact Liesl on 03 9772 7545 or 0421 004 795. Alternatively you can also email us at and we will respond to your email at the latest within in 2 working days. 

For your initial consult it is best to bring the following items to ensure Liesl is able to thoroughly asses your health condition and presenting complaints:

  • Your completed health questionnaire
  • Past test results
  • A list of your past and current medication
  • A list of the past and current supplements you are taking
  • Anything else you may feel to be useful

No. Many people who come to see a Naturopath are not necessarily classed as being "sick".  As a matter of a fact, Naturopathy can also help to improve general health, boost energy levels, help manage stress levels, provide education on healthy eating,  assist in weight loss and much more.

Yes. Liesl is a registered Naturopath and is a preferred naturopathic provider with all major private health funds. It is however best to check with your health fund whether you are covered for naturopathic services. As Liesl is a registered provider, you are able to claim back a certain percentage of the health consult depending on the level and type of cover you have. Please check with your private health fund to find out whether you are eligible for a health fund rebate.

An initial Naturopathic consultation consists of a 1 hour complete health assessment, and includes a thorough analysis of the following:

  • Presenting complaints
  • Analysis of all major systems
  • Family history
  • Dietary analysis and evaluation
  • Past medical history
  • Use of once or more non invasive naturopathic examinations including: blood pressure, iris analysis, BMI, weight,  waist measurement and zinc tally test 
  • Possible referral for further medical examination/tests if required

Our Naturopath will then tailor and discuss a treatment plan designed to meet your needs.