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Personal TrainingPersonal Training

Natro offers fun, motivating, and challenging personal training sessions for individuals and groups.
Our experienced and qualified personal trainers are able to tailor exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels. Natro strongly believes exercise and physical activity is integral to optimizing health, improving life quality, and preventing many types of disease. At Natro we tailor training sessions to meet a variety of concerns whether it be weight loss, improving fitness levels or managing or reducing the risk of disease. We also offer professional  ongoing support including regular health assessments to help you stay focused and motivated. Regardless of what your fitness goals are we can help you achieve them.

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Natro offers several personal training options to suit your goals, time constraints and budget.

  • Individual personal training: Natro offers one-on-one personal training sessions which are individually tailored towards meeting your health & fitness goals.Whether your goals are to lose body fat, improve muscle tone, improve strength or simply improve your health Natro personal training can help. 
  • Group personal training: Natro offers group training sessions for people who would like to train in the company of others while still receiving the motivation and support from our highly qualified personal trainers. We offer training for small groups of 2-4 people which still allow each session to remain personalized for each participant.
  • Corporate training: Natro offers corporate personal training sessions for the workplace which can help to improve workplace productivity, encourage team building, reduce stress levels and ultimately improve the health of each and every employee. Let Natro tailor group personal training sessions for your workplace which start feeling the benefits for you and your business today. 


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