What to expect from your first consultation?

Initial consultations last for 60 minutes and follow up appointments are 45 minutes in duration. For your first consultation it is best to arrive 10 minutes early before your scheduled appointment time to fill out any paper work. This will allow enough time to fill out a brief patient health questionnaire which is used to obtain important information about your medical history, contact details, and is used to provide the practitioner with a better understanding of your current health status.  

During your first consultation your practitioner will ask you a number of questions relating to your current health concern/s as well information about your past and current health status. A dietary assessment is also included in your initial consultation and there may be the need for further testing if nutritional deficiencies are suspected. 

After all of the appropriate information is gathered an individually tailored prescription and treatment plan consisting of dietary and lifestyle changes and strategies is prescribed based on treating your presenting complaint and concerns. When applicable nutrition and herbal medicine supplementation is also prescribed. 

Follow up consultations are also very important for providing a step by step treatment plan and for monitoring your progress. Depending on your presenting complaint follow up consultations are either on a weekly or fortnight basis and most people require between 3-4 visits to achieve the best results.